Friday, October 21, 2005

A Way Out

Charles Krauthammer has offered an ingenious way for everyone to save face in the botched nomination of Harriet Miers. The way out? An irreconcilable differences over documents. Because Miers has no record on constitutional issues, the only potential source for gauging her thinking on legal issues are the privileged documents from Miers' White House tenure. The Senate is likely to demand these documents, but the Administration will not release this kind of information. This creates the perfect stalemate, providing an honorable way for Miers to withdraw her own nomination in deference to the Senate and the White House.


Anonymous ECS said...

I wish i didnt have the nasty feeing the next in line (in case of withdrawal of Miers nomination to the Supremes) will be someone who HAS made up his or her mind there is no "penumbra" of privacy in the constitution...

but i must say forgetting to pay ones bar dues repeatedly is NOT what i would call a good qualification for a life time appointemt to what used to be considered an august and revered body...

6:30 PM  

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